what does “digivel” mean?

Simply, “digital” and “novel.”


One thought on “what does “digivel” mean?

  1. Hi,

    I hope you don’t mind my contacting you via your blog site but your Amazon.com profile led me here. I see that you are a very accomplished reviewer that enjoys reading. I don’t mean to come across as schmoozing, but I would be honored if you might consider an honest review of my first book – “Rapture’s Rain”. It’s a Christian Fiction – thriller that has a strong message about the power of Faith. It just went up on Amazon a few weeks ago.

    If you’re interested I will gladly send you a complimentary copy if you’ll reply back with your mailing address. Or if you wish I can certainly send you a .pdf file by return email. My email is Chris@codeofkindness.com.

    Please know that if you’d rather hold off on a review I certainly understand. I know first time authors are a gamble in terms of your time investment but I truly think you’ll enjoy the ride my book will take you on. There’s a new twist and turn on every other page.

    And lastly, keep up the great job!!! Your reviews help us all make better purchasing decisions.

    Have a great day!
    Chris Pennington

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