Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 1: Change is Constant

Like many in their 20s, I grew up with the Ninja Turtles. The amount of toys I owned was rivaled by only my cousin. Of course, like many, I grew up with the TV show, though I owned a comic or two. Many years later, I regained an interest in comic books and picked up the 2009 reprint of the TMNT Collected Book Vol. One. After reading it, I wasn’t impressed. The first few issues were fine, but then it got too bizarre (as if ninja turtles weren’t bizarre enough). Perhaps it may have been because I read Watchmen and Usagi Yojimbo around the same time, but I didn’t think Eastman and Laird’s brain child wasn’t that great. I began to think that maybe the series appealed to only children. Still, I finished the book, but it was set away after that.

But now there’s a reboot.

There are so many reboots now of myriad franchises that I didn’t give TMNT a second glance. But the first issue recently became free on comiXology, and I was almost out of comics, so I downloaded it. Boy, am I glad I did.

Because much of the universe, stories, and characters have been established in the Turtles’ New York, the writers of the new series were able to make things fresh without changing too much (thank goodness the Turtles aren’t aliens). The writers were able to utilize the wide array of characters to make more “logical sense” of the world, placing the creatures in a more modern era, and making it enthralling at the same time. If you’re a Turtle fan, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy the series, especially if you read the older comics. Even if you’re not a fan, but at least familiar with them, you may nonetheless find this reboot engaging. The authors take full advantage of the older comics and change things in a way that fittingly works. Dare I say the reboot rivals the original?

As for the layout and art style itself, while some may not like the direction, I personally think it’s great and fits the Ninja Turtles perfectly. Yes, there are some choppy areas in dialogue where more could’ve helped, as well as the addition of clearer narrative, but it seems to get the point across in the end. I’m eagerly anticipating the next volume.


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