Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and I didn’t see my great uncle’s grave.  He was a veteran of the Vietnam War (I think?) and I never had the chance to meet him; either I was too little to remember him, or he died before I was born.  Either way, his body was below a tombstone when I was old enough to have a functioning memory that serves to this day.


I’m in my apartment on Memorial Day–Monday, one of the only days we get off at work.  Instead of enjoying the 85+-degree weather, I’ve been inside catching up on homework and The Wire.  I’ll be going out in a bit, but only to do a quick half-hour jog.  It’s nice to be able to get to jog around here, but the harbors around here–Belmont, to name one–make it difficult to get a nice glimpse of the lake when you’re jogging on the trail.  I still feel too close to the city to really enjoy the lakefront view I’m afforded.

It’s nice around here, in Lakeview East, but there really isn’t much of that lakefront effect you’d guess you have.  I’m only a few blocks away from the lake, and yet it doesn’t really seem like it.  It seems, rather, that I’m in the center of all the busy city life.  While nice, city life can get tiresome.  No parking (or, if you do get parking like me, it’s really, really tight and people watch you if you’re parked to them, as if I’m going to hit their car), tight streets, no real sense of nature, and some people can get crude.  Just yesterday when my fiancee and I were moving some of her stuff into the apartment some dude from a moving company, who parked in the alley with a big moving truck, yelled at us for trying to get into our own parking lot.  I asked my fiancee if he was yelling at us, but she told me not to do anything.  Turns out the whole lot of employees working for the moving company were foul-mouthed (Daily Moving Chicago, if you must know).


Life here is also pretty expensive around here.  When we were done unpacking yesterday and getting ready to make dinner, we realized we didn’t have salt so we traversed to the local Walgreen’s to get some.  I was perusing some of the other aisles, and I saw cereal for $5!  “Great Value!” the sticker read, too.


Two years already?

Wow.  It’s been almost two years already since I put my last post.  And it wasn’t even an original post!  (‘Twas an even older piece I wrote many years ago; it’s not even that great.)

Anyway.  So much has happened since then.  I’ve gotten engaged (December 2009), started grad school (September 2010–finally) and moved out of my parents’ home (May 2011).  I’m starting this blog again primarily to get myself into the writing habit more as I used to be long ago.  In fact, it’s just to get my writing juices flowing; I don’t expect to edit this in any sort of way, but just leave the text as it is as I write it.  An imperfect draft, but the final version, so to speak.  (Hey, maybe I can rename this blog to “An Imperfect Draft” rather than that lame ol’ “digivel”).  I don’t even expect people to read this; this is for my own sanity and well-being.

As my first two weeks moved into Chicago, I’ve found it difficult to remain pure on my terms in my spiritual life.  By “own terms” I mean living by myself, and my “spiritual life” I’m referencing my relationship with God.  To be honest, I started getting pretty depressed in the shower–I think a lot when in the shower–and told myself that this isn’t where I want to be in my life.  Not that I won’t take it, but I just pray that the things God has in store for me come to fruition–but not on my terms.  That’s probably another thing I have to work on–patience.

What a horrible word that is.

Welp, time to get crackin’ on my studies.  I’ve got a presentation to give next week, and I’m not even halfway with a five-hundred page book that I started reading two weeks ago.  I may have to SparkNote it, unfortunately.  I so despise SparkNotes, but I have to admit it’s been a great aid this semester since I have to read two novels a week, and on top of that I work 45 hours a week.  Oh, and speaking of work, someone at the office got canned this week so now it’s leaving people abuzz thinking that they’re next.  I just can’t afford to get fired right now, what with grad school and my wedding coming up.  And the fact that I moved into an apartment that costs just around $1k total with everything.

Oh, man.  I pray I don’t get fired from this job, or any job at that!