An Old Prose

This little piece is actually pretty relevant in my life right now, considering the fact that it was written many years ago.

I sit on the grass beside her, wondering what her thoughts are now. The sun melts into the horizon ahead, burning the sky above it and casting an overbearing shadow on the ground below.

I quickly glance at her from the corner of my eye, hoping she won’t notice, but I wasn’t quick enough. She smiles gently and blushes, then turns her eyes upward and stares on into the sunset.

After a brief silence she asks me what I’m thinking—how ironic—and I notice I’m choking up, searching for the perfect words to say for this perfect moment. The words that explain to her exactly how I feel: how she’s the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth, putting all the rest to shame; how I would buff up in muscle just so I can protect her; how her hair is so smooth that no matter how many days she went without combing it, it’ll still flow perfectly with every stride she takes. How her smell awakens every good feeling in me, and how every time she walks into the room my eyes brighten and I lose focus of everything around me, because nothing else would matter.
And just how undeserving I am of it all.

A girl once told me that the greatest blessing God can present a man is a great girl. I now have the second best blessing of understanding completely what she meant.

Still trying to capture the moment, I answer, “How much brighter the world is sitting right beside you, even if the sun is setting and the skies darken.”

She giggles and looks away, probably to a blade of grass, probably to a grasshopper, probably to a flower—I don’t know.

Or maybe it was a flower. If she were to walk into a field of premature flowers, they would suddenly bloom to their fullest potential because of the light and warmth she brings them. And she already has, too. She’s so good with kids…

I’m only good at helping out the elderly. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t run in the family. I’m good at it nonetheless.
It’s funny I guess, how many qualities are brought together when we’re together, her and I.


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