A Dream

Here’s a passage I wrote of a dream I had some time last year, and I wrote it as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t forget a single thing.

I was walking down the streets of London, towards uni, and as I approached the train station I apparently take every time, I realized that it was boarded up—it was obviously closed.  So I turn to go to the other train station (which, in reality, is the one I usually took) when Victor Pal comes running up to me, exclaiming how he had a bizarre date the day before.  For some odd reason, I remember this date, even though I wasn’t there: he had the date with Mallory Rockwell (who’s now married), and in that date she acted somewhat goofy, which is the reason why he had a bizarre time.

So he comes running up to me, and tags along, and we go to the station together.  Then, as random as dreams can get, I see Luis Rodriguez and some other seminarian that I can’t remember at the moment getting chased by the authorities.  They end up getting caught, and I dive into hiding; at this moment, Victor leaves the scene and the rest of the dream altogether.  So then Luis is caught, and apparently it was for reasons of faith: he was evangelizing, and in the dream it was against the law to do so.

As in most dreams, the scene suddenly shifted and we were all now standing at the edge of a cliff.  I was still in hiding, and Luis and the other seminarian had their arms bound behind their backs, cloth covering their mouths so as to refrain their speaking.  Two persons held each, and one of them shoved the other, unnamed seminarian over the cliff.  I thought for sure he would die from the fall.  Then, as Luis saw his comrade go, he volunteered himself to go over.  I looked as he stepped over the ledge, and saw a small cascading drop, where running water flowed from the edge of the cliff to the ocean only a few feet down.  Luis walked that small slope and plopped into the water.  Though the fall wasn’t great, the fact that he dived into the ocean still gave the impression that he was a goner.  Feeling a sense of duty to my faith, I leapt out of my hiding and, before the authorities had any chance to notice me and capture me, I bounced in after Luis and his comrade.

When I reached the surface of the water, I looked up and the cliff was now towering over us.  Though it was a mere slope before, it had somehow grown to where it almost blocked the moon—the only source of light in the blackest night I’ve ever seen.  Me, Luis and the other dude looked around helplessly and almost gave up hope.  But right when I was ready to give in to cold death, a face sprung out of the water.  It was one of the most beautiful faces I had ever seen; almost as beautiful as Megan’s.  It was without flaw, and completely made of water.  Water was its body, and water was its mass.  The figure then lifted itself out of the water gracefully, and floated over us.  It came back down, hugged me tightly, and hoisted both of us out of the water.

I looked down at Luis and the other person, and realized that they too had figures of the water lifting them up into safety.  I felt so at peace with the mysterious figure; it then lifted me higher and higher, and soon we passed the clouds.  We went so high up, that I could see out and over our planet: the starry galaxy was now within arm’s reach.

I looked towards my savior, and then it hit me: it was an angel.  We stood floating above the earth for a while, and as I looked down, I could see from the corner of my eye that it smiled at me.  I knew what it was thinking, so I braced myself: we tipped over our sides until our head faced the earth, and plummeted down.  Faster and faster we went, gaining an incredible amount of speed throughout the fall.  It was a rush of adrenaline, and it felt amazing.  I could feel my stomach turn upside-down and inside-out, and I loved it.  I loved every moment of the fall.  When we finally splashed back into the ocean, we touched the bottom and, with my own hands, I shot myself back up.  When I broke the barrier between water and air, the angel was there to greet me, looming over me with the biggest of smiles.  I knew then what to do: I lifted myself out of the water on my own and, as if by instinct, I flew past the angel and back into the starry universe.

Then, my dad woke me up….


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