A Collection of Things

b194065696Lately I’ve been in a sort of collecting mood where I take certain hobbies of mine and look for “collectors’ items” that pertain to them. For instance, not too long ago I really got into this book called Bone. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading this hefty graphic novel (I say “hefty” because I’m referring to the One Volume Edition, not the nine separate books), I highly recommend you do so.

The author, Jeff Smith, utilized his childhood doodles (which he named “bone creatures”), borrowed from one of his favorite stories, The Lord of the Rings, and created his own world where three bone creatures—the Bone cousins—are chased out of their hometown by a mob and are stuck in the wilderness. When Fone Bone, the main character of the story, meets with a mysterious young person named Thorn, the three cousins and company stumble upon adventure after adventure, much in the same vein as in Tolkien’s tales. You can visit the website here. And you can also read my take on the book.


I was enamored so much by this wonderfully crafted story that I decided to buy my own copy. And here’s where my recent aficionado-ism comes in with “collector’s items.” After much research, I found out that, back in 2004, Smith released a rare, limited edition run of the One Volume Edition. Only 2,000 copies were made, and each was numbered and signed.

I had to get a hold of one of these bad boys.

After much patience, diligence, and Googling, I finally found one. It was definitely worth every penny, and I am now the proud owner of one of the out-of-print copies.

Bone: One Volume Edition Hardcover

Along the same lines of my “collectors’ items” crap, another of my recent hobbies is Killer Bunnies. When I studied in London back in 2006, I attended a weekend get-away for Christians and, during one of the nights where we just hung out, one of the gals busted out the highly addictive card game.

Three years later I finally bought my own set.

After many months and games, I have finally placed my order for the last expansion.

But some of the cards have been tricky to get a hold of, especially for me since I got into the game late. Of particular mention is the Omega Series. I had gotten most of the series’ cards except for the first four. Well, just recently I finally found the first two excruciatingly rare cards: Bunny’s Eleven and The Djarnak.

Bunny's Eleven & The Djarnak

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced and addicted to this game yet, these cards wouldn’t probably mean diddly-squat to you. But I recommend you get into the game soon and then maybe you’ll feel the same excitement I did when I got a hold of these two cards!

Nerd out.

P.S.:  If you ever want to play, hit me up! I’m always down for a game, provided I’m not working or studying for graduate school.


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